As a Photographer, gear is pretty important. Does gear make you a good (or bad) photographer? Absolutely not. But it sure makes a difference in the images you produce. I have been taking photos for 7 years now, and this is my favorite gear set up I've ever had. Take a look, enjoy! XX



Canon 6D

I shoot with 2 Canon 6D bodies and I LOVE them. (I’m one of those weirdos who prefers the 6D over the any of the 5Ds.) You can buy one here.

Instax Wide 300

Starting this year, I’m going to take this guy to all of my weddings with me! It’s so fun and the polaroids are a wonderful gift to send your couples in the mail! You can buy one here.

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35mm 1.4 L

This bad boy basically never comes off my camera. I use it alllll the time. It’s absolutely amazing for portraits. For weddings, I use this lens all day with the exception of the 135mm during the ceremony on my second body. You can buy one here.

24mm 1.4 L II

This is an awesome lens for wide, landscape shots. I like to use it during weddings or sessions when I want the couple to look enveloped in their surroundings. I do not recommend this lens for portraits, when you get close, it starts to distort the image. You can buy one here.

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135mm 2.0 L

This lens is great for ceremonies. It allows you to get close ups without have to be in anyone’s personal space. When I’m shooting weddings alone, I use my Money Maker strap and have my 35mm on my right shoulder and my 135mm on the left. You can buy one here.

40mm 2.8 Pancake lens

This is the perrrrfect travel lens! Its so slim and barely takes up any space. And the best part? You can get some amazing shots on this little dude and its under $200. I don’t use this for weddings or portrait sessions, but it’s all I use when I travel. You can buy one here.

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Holdfast – Maven Strap (left)

I use this strap the most! I have the longer size because I mostly shoot with my strap across my body rather than hanging on my neck. You can buy one here.

Holdfast – Money Maker (right)

I use this when I am shooting a wedding solo. It’s a LIFESAVER. (+ extremely comfortable) You can buy one here.


Ona – The Brooklyn Bag

I love this bag! It can fit two camera bodies, one lens, and flash or two lenses, one camera body, and flash. You can buy one here.

Thrifted Bag

I love this bag! Charles found it at a thrift store before we were even dating and once we got married; I kinda jacked it :) Its basically the same size as my Ona bag, excluding the front and back pouch. 

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Canon Speedlight 430EX II

This flash is amazing and so easy to use! It makes for the best dance floor photos ever :) You can buy one here.

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Battery Grips

I used to always shoot weddings with these guys. Recently I’ve preferred to leave them off and just keep extra batteries in my purse so my camera isn’t so heavy. BUT they’re really great and helpful if you don’t have time to change your batteries through out the wedding day. You can buy one here

New to photography but want some good, inexpensive gear?

Here's what I would recommend:  Canon Rebel + 50mm 1.4 

BUDGET TIP, (because photography is expensive):

You can buy "refurbished" gear off of Canon's website. They do an excellent job restoring all the gear back into mint condition. And there's always ebay, just make sure what your buying is in good condition.