Hello there, thanks for stopping by! I've picked a handful of frequently asked questions to share with you guys. If you have more that are not answered below, feel free to leave a comment or send an email my way.

  1. What camera + lens do you use? I have two Canon 6D's. My go-to lens is my 24mm 1.4. If you are looking for a good quality, affordable lens, I would suggest the Canon 50mm 1.4.
  2. What editing program do you use? Lightroom is my BFF!
  3. Where did you gain your photo skills? My high school art teacher, Ruth Vesanen, was beyond amazing and taught her students everything there was about the rule of thirds and composition. She was always challenging us with crazy creative photo assignments that kept our brains turning. When I graduated, I learned how to shoot manually via stalking my favorite photographer's Flickr account and writing all of her manual settings down on a sheet of paper, trying them out myself until I understood the formula. (The first time I actually shot manually, I was second shooting a wedding... I do not recommend that! lol)
  4. What's the most effective way of booking new clients? For me, I have found the best luck via instagram + friends of friends. The more weddings I have gotten, the more I have booked. There's usually always someone in or at the weddings that I end up working with. Also, posting your work is super important! I can be bad about this, but if you aren't posting your best engagement work, you're probably not going to book a lot of engagement sessions. If you're just starting out, sometimes this requires some free sessions or even some styled shoots to get yourself out there. If people aren't booking you, put a styled shoot together and show them what your made of! 
  5. How long did it take you to find your voice... and feel comfortable with it? I truly feel like my style is constantly changing. And that's a good thing. I would encourage you to look at "finding your voice" more as finding your passion rather than a specific style. If you are passionate about lovers on their wedding day, then that is your voice! For a while I thought my voice was the dark + moody style I often lean towards. But if you just bank on that, then when the time comes for a mid-day shoot with a bright shining sun, you might find yourself stuck. Let your "voice" be the emotion you are passionate about capturing. Love on their wedding day, care from a mother to her child in their home, whatever makes your heart skip a beat + makes waking up at 4am for that sunrise shoot worth it... When you have passion for your work, the quality will follow, trust me!
  6. When do you get over being nervous to give a client their files? Maybe never? Ha! At least I haven't gotten there yet. I realize the large investment people are making with me to capture moments they never want to forget... so its a big deal! At the same time, I have to trust that my clients book me because they like/trust my eye + style. Give every shoot all you have, do your best to edit their photos, set clear expectations from the beginning, finish knowing you did your best. That's all you can do! (Don't forget you are your own toughest critic! Don't be so hard on yourself... They booked you for a reason!)
  7. Do you plan on hosting floral workshops soon? Yes, yes + yes! I'm hoping to launch the first one this fall!

More questions? Send them my way! I'll do my best to get back with you shortly.